How often should you email your list?

There was an interesting discussion on Linkedin the other day.

It was about how often you should email your list.

A fellow copywriter (but not a fella’), Gwen Hutchings, said you should only send emails when you have something worthwhile to say.

And I agree.

But, at the same time, Lora Horn (another copywriter and not a fella’) pointed out that too many businesses are afraid to mail their lists and should email more frequently.

And I agree with Lora, too.

So here’s my take… in the form of a story…

I once heard Ben Settle, one of my favourite email copywriting gurus, talking about his dad.

You see, his father had moles in his garden. Every day, there were new molehills. And his dad started getting obsessed.

(Think Bill Murray and the gophers in Caddyshack.That’s right, I’m using a 40 year old movie reference.)

So whenever Ben talked to him, all his dad wanted to talk about was moles. Moles, moles, moles.

And here was the lesson (according to Ben): there was nothing you could say about moles his dad wouldn’t find interesting. And it’s the same with your prospect: as long as you’re talking about the things he cares about – his problems, his wants, his desires – you’ll be fine.

And, if you can do that, you can mail as often as you want.

Steve Gibson

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