Email samples

Here are some examples of my email copywriting.

Pre-launch email sequence

This is a 3 email pre-launch series for an online SEO course:

Autoresponder sequence for IT support company

This is a 4 email sequence for a B2B IT Support company in Edinburgh, UK:

Email promoting a copywriting course

It’s an example of taking something that’s going on (Christmas) and tying it back to the product. Also, the bullets for the product are pretty good:

An email/lift note for a financial promo

This email used a reference for a movie to tease the profit potential of a trade:

Story-based emails

Here are a few story-based emails I’ve written:

A lesson from the “Jimi Hendrix of Marketing”

Tu veut gagner les millions?

Is your business a “Student Prince”?

Hoors and pickpockets

Travel emails for International Living

When I was living in the south of France in early 2020, I wrote a couple of emails for International Living.