Email samples

On this page, you’ll find my samples from markets ranging from internet marketing, to SaaS and B2B.

To see my financial publishing samples, click here.

And, for health and fitness, click here.

(If you want to see some chess samples, drop me an email and I’ll dig some out!)

Pre-launch email sequence for SEO course

This is a 3 email pre-launch series for an online SEO course:

Autoresponder sequence for IT support company

This is a 4 email sequence for a B2B IT Support company in Edinburgh, UK:

Email promoting a copywriting course

It’s an example of taking something that’s going on (Christmas) and tying it back to the product. Also, the bullets for the product are pretty good:

SAAS on-boarding sequence

This is an onboarding sequence for a SaaS company—designed to take users from free trial to paid subscription:

Gas Engineer Software Onboarding

Story-based emails

Here are a few story-based emails I’ve written:

A lesson from the “Jimi Hendrix of Marketing”

Tu veut gagner les millions?

Is your business a “Student Prince”?

Hoors and pickpockets

Travel emails for International Living

When I was living in the south of France in early 2020, I wrote a couple of emails for International Living.