Work With Me

If you like my samples and are interested in working with me, here are my basic copywriting packages:

Traffic-driving Emails (AKA “Lifts”)

These are short — usually 100-200 words — emails that drive traffic to your sales pages.

Ultimately, these are better done as part of an on-going retainer. But, before we get married, let’s date a while.

So here are my basic “let’s get to know each other” packages:

10 lifts – $900

20 lifts – $1,700


These are welcome sequences. Usually when

  • Someone signs up to your list
  • Or buys a product
  • Or signs up for a free trial (e.g. If you’re a SaaS company)

Normally, you’d want at least 10 emails in your autoresponder — at least, to start with. So my basic packages are:

10 emails – $1,950

15 emails – $2,600

20 emails – $3,400

And, if you’d like a landing page/squeeze page included with that, it’ll be an extra $600.

Broadcast emails

This will vary depending on the nature of the emails. For example, simple “We have a sale, buy now” emails are easier to write than story-based and personality-driven emails.

But my basic packages are:

5 emails/month – $1,400

10 emails/month – $2,200

20 emails/month – $3,900

How do we get started?

To give me an idea about what you’re looking for, I have a short questionnaire. It’s only 6 questions and takes only 2 minutes to complete. Click here to get started.

All the best,